The Wraps Per Inch Tool

Imagine you have walked into your favorite yarn boutique. You are surrounded by beautiful colors and textures, and there it is. The color is perfect. The texture is luxurious. It is the yarn you would love for your next project. Just one problem. When it comes to adjusting the gauge of the yarn to the gauge of your intended project, you are at a loss. There is a handy gadget to aid your gauge woes. It is a Wraps Per Inch Tool. To use it, simply take the yarn and wrap it around the tool up to the desired inch marker. Based on the number of times you wrapped the yarn, you can determine the weight and thickness of the yarn. With this information, you can determine if the yarn of your desire will work for your project. If you really love the yarn and the weight is not large enough, you may have to consider working one or more strands at the same time. This tool can help you with that too. You just try again with dual strands until you reach the approximate gauge required by your pattern. The tool comes with a laminated reference card that tells you what the wraps per inch count translates to. You can find this handy gadget at and