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Elizabeth Zimmermann, (August 9, 1910–November 30, 1999), was a legendary knitter and author. Zimmerman advocated knitting in the round, particularly with circular needles. She eschewed stitch-by-stitch patterns in favor of prose descriptions which laid out details of technique and construction but left the final details of sizing, gauge, etc. to the knitter.

Her Elizabeth's Percentage System (EPS) is a popular method for sizing sweaters.

Zimmerman's daughter, Meg Swansen, is also a well-known knitter, designer, and author.

The Zimmermania blog has lots of pictures of finished objects from EZ's designs. Some of the favorites there seem to be these patterns:

  • Baby Surprise Jacket
  • Seamless hybrid man's sweater
  • Tomten jacket
  • Ganomy hat
  • Stache hat