a.k.a. Long-Tail cast-on This Cast on method creates a firm, elastic edge that can be used on many projects, and is quite commonly taught to beginners.

To start, create a Slipknot on the needle. Next, place the yarn in the left hand such that the tail of the yarn (the loose piece from the slipknot) is draped over the thumb counter-clockwise, and the working yarn is draped over the index finger clockwise, in front of the remaining fingers, as shown:

Double Cast-On Step 1

Next, grasp the two pieces of yarn firmly in the remaining fingers. Your left hand should now be in the classic "stick-em-up" position:

Double Cast-On Step 2

Next, with the right hand, hook the tip of the needle up, around the outside of the loop on the thumb:

Double Cast-On Step 3

Then, hook the needle down, around the loop on the index finger and draw the loop from the index finger toward you, through the thumb loop:

Double Cast-On Step 4 Double Cast-On Step 5

Next, release the loop on the thumb and then hook the yarn with the outside of the thumb and tighten the knot on the needle:

Double Cast-On Step 6 Double Cast-On Step 7

You are now ready for the next loop:

Double Cast-On Step 8

Now simply repeat the process until the desired number of loops are formed.

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